Language & Mathematics


The language program offers a variety of exercises that help your child to acquire foundation skills in literacy, writing and comprehension.

The program begins with the phonetic sounds of each letter of the alphabet and progresses to the next phase of development, which is the formulation of words and further vocabulary development. Our language exercises also include letter sound training and alphabet association, and word building exercises to further reading and comprehension ability.


The Mathematics program begins with a series of exercises, which focus on learning the concepts and numeric formations surrounding basic quantity and number identification. After your child has grasped these foundation principles she/he will progress to more in-depth subject matter and exercises surrounding the decimal system and numerical addition and subtraction.

At each key stage your child will drive the speed of his/her development, and new concepts and exercises will not be introduced until existing ones have been firmly established.

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Montessori Language
Montessori Language
Montessori Math
Montessori Mathematics