Practical & Sensorial Life

Practical Life

Practical life exercises promote mind and body coordination and help develop task-driven focus and concentration. They allow children to develop a broad range of important skills to control, awareness of their environment, orderly thought patterns, responsibility, and many other characteristics, which encourage independence within their exercises for the children to develop and refine motor skills and hone muscular control.

Making use of things mostly found around the home, these activities promote learning of skills that also enable them to participate fully and independently in their home life.

Sensorial Life

Sensorial exercises allow for individual work and repetition, and allow children to classify their sensorial impressions in an organized, orderly, and scientific manner.

Sensorial materials give children the power to come into contact with their world through the use of all their available faculties. With the guidance from our trained instructors, sensorial materials can develop a child’s keen attention for details, order and sequence – essential foundations for acquiring language and math skills.

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