Geography & Science


Beginning with sensorial activities including puzzle maps and geographic card games, the children begin to develop a sense of the world from a global perspective. As their knowledge gains momentum we will introduce geographic development exercises to help develop understanding of other cultures and their position within the world.
There will also be games and exercises designed to introduce children to the idea of landmasses and oceans of the world to generate a greater understanding and further their knowledge of geographic locations.


Science is an integral element of the Montessori curriculum. Among other things, it represents a way of life: a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving. The scope of the Montessori science curriculum includes a sound introduction to botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy. The Montessori approach to science cultivates children’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which we live.

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Montessori Science
Montessori Science